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  • Walkie talkie TK3178
Walkie talkie TK3178

Walkie talkie TK3178

Working frequency: 136~174, 400~430, 440~480MHz, 128 channels, multi-zone division.

Product category£ºWalkie talkie
Product model£ºTK3178
National Service Hotline 400-8353-880
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| Product Description

Working frequency: 136~174, 400~430, 440~480MHz  

128 channels, multi-zone division  

8-bit large LCD screen for easy reading 

Built-in voice encryption  

12-digit DTMF button  

built-in Fleetsync II/QT/DQT signaling  

Built-in voice-activated hands-free feature  

Wireless Copy, and Computer Programming  

streamlined, lightweight and beautiful  

The first secondary development cabin with a 20-pin socket for easy secondary development  

Comply with MIL-810 US military standard, IP-54,55 is extremely waterproof  

Flash Rom facilitates scheduling functions such as LTR or MPT clusters  

Uses lead-free solder to support environmental protection.

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